About - Knotti
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I’m Melanie the founder of Knotti. Inspired by bohemian styles, Knotti is a home wares label offering a unique collection of handcrafted goods. All of my macramé designs are delicately crafted and are often hung around my own home. They emit this indescribable energy, peacefulness and warmth that I want to share with everyone. I use only the best quality and rich textural materials when hand knotting my macramé pieces to insure they are perfection. It is my desire to create pieces that entice you to reach out and feel the textures of the rope.


Despite getting the occasional rope burn I love everything about creating my pieces and since my discovery of Macramé I have put 100% of myself into my craft. I’ve been on an artistic journey over the last few years to get to where I am now. Studying Visual Art’s in Uni, and focusing on photography to now in recent years teaching myself how to knot macramé. After the first few knots it came naturally and I felt a connection with my works immediately. I am always coming up with new ideas and designs and I feel a part of me and my good energy is knotted into every piece. When my macramé pieces have the ability to connect with people, it is oh so special to me.